Signet supports Perth Glory at recent match against Chelsea FC

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Here at Signet, we’re a down-to-earth Aussie family. We love events that embody the true Aussie spirit, from a BBQ with mates to a night watching live sport.

Our loyal customers have been supporting us over the past 50 years, so we wanted to say, ‘cheers’ and repay them the way any other Aussie would.

We recently treated some of our W.A. customers to a night out supporting their local team in Perth, going up against Chelsea F.C. where we soaked up the stadium atmosphere and got behind the Aussies.

Signet LED signage lighting up the Optus stadium perimeter

The stadium may have been filled with a sea of purple and blue supporters, but it was Signet yellow that lit up the ground, with the unmissable Signet logo featured around the field perimeter.

“Sharing the night with our customers and getting behind the Aussies made for a great night together”, said Fiona O’Connor,W.A. Sales Manager.
“Seeing the Signet logo take over the field perimeter during some of the most exciting moments of the game made it even better”.

So, here’s to the past fifty years, and the next fifty years, the same Australian owned family business looking after yours…and enjoying Aussie sport together.

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