How Signet enhances EGR Group automotive production

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The EGR Group has grown over the past 45 years into a world-class designer and global manufacturer of precision engineered solutions. EGR is segmented into two strategic divisions – Automotive and Building and Commercial Products.

EGR began producing acrylic headlight covers for the iconic Ford XD Falcon in 1983. Since then automotive accessories have grown into the largest division of the EGR group, producing thousands of products daily for car manufacturers globally including Toyota, VW and Nissan.

With the help of the TSSC (Toyota Supplier Support Centre), EGR recently developed an all-encompassing safety strategy and turned to Signet to help implement this within its production workplace.

EGR faced challenges in this area as there was no organised space to record KPIs and safety information. “We weren’t tracking or monitoring our production outputs and had a lack of visible information available for our staff,” says Damien Rickards, Operations Manager of EGR.

“We previously used hand-written laminated boards to record data. The process was messy and there was no standardised process around the data recorded.”

EGR was looking for a lean solution to streamline things, and turned to long-time supplier Signet for advice.

Signet visited the EGR headquarters and captured data on the current state of its production workplace. Through the site walk, Signet was able to identify the customer’s unique needs and create the right solution.

Signet designed and manufactured a range of unique visual workplace solutions for EGR, including huddle boards, signs and shadow boards which align with the main pillars of EGR’s safety strategy.

“Through customer insights, we tailored a customised solution for EGR, designed to standardise the data captured to add value to their workplace,” says Greg Fyffe, National Sales Manager of Signet.

Signet’s visual workplace solutions have significantly improved the visibility of KPIs and safety information.

“Our signage clearly displays our safety objectives and adds a wow factor to our workplace – they are a great starting point when conducting tours around our site,” says Rickards.

“Signet clearly explained the signage process from design to implementation and provided updates every step of the way. Their visual workplace solutions have enhanced our workplace”.

Signet is proud to call EGR Group a customer. For more information visit

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