Supercars Springs Manufacturer strengthens pallet stability by 90%

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Signet’s expertise helped King Springs achieve a 90% increase in pallet stability over 12 months with a tailored Tertiary Packaging solution.

King Springs is Australia’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs for automotive applications. Powering the global automotive industry, King Springs holds 60% of the industry market share in Australia and are found on most leading cars in every facet of motorsport from race and rally to off-road and 4×4.

Since their establishment in 1956, King Springs has expanded their manufacturing capabilities to 40 – 45,000 products per month and exports to 20 different countries.

As market leaders, King Springs strives to set an industry standard and deliver the highest quality products to their customers. In a quest to continuously improve their processes, they turned to Signet to help enhance their packaging within the bulk distribution sector.

There were two main areas of their pallet containment that King Springs wanted to improve on:

  1. The stretch film and method used to wrap individual springs and pallets.
  2. Introduce cushioning to fill the empty space in the centre of the pallet layers.

“When our pallets arrive at our distributor’s doorstep, we want them to be perfectly intact and stable no matter how far they need to travel. In 2018 we wanted to revisit how we send out our pallets and take proactive measures to prevent transit damages and set a new standard.” —Kris Tarrant, King Springs Systems and Operations Manager.

In today’s manufacturing environment, King Springs’ coils need to have 100% powder coating to meet quality assurance requirements. This powder coating is at risk of being rubbed off in transit due to poor packaging protection. Signet helped King Springs tailor a tertiary packaging solution that would improve pallet stability and reduce any chance of damage.

King Springs’ coils wrapped in Signet Cast Film and supported by Instapak

“Gaining product and application knowledge from an expert is priceless. When your sales representative visits your site to genuinely give you a hand and help improve the business, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you chose the right supplier.”

The first step was switching from a “pre-stretch” to a “cast” film. The cast film provided better pallet stability while Instapak – a cushioning product by Sealed Air – created a bracing effect for the coils.

“The Instapak and cast film helped solve the two areas King Springs wanted to improve: the internal and external movement of the pallet. They’ve witnessed a 90% increase in pallet stability in one year alone.” —Eren Barkut, Signet Senior Sales Executive.

King Springs’ coils wrapped in Signet Cast Film and supported by Instapak

Through a collaborative relationship with Signet, the King Springs bulk distribution sector has significantly reduced the risk of transit damages in the past 12 months by refining their pallet containment and continues to strengthen its brand reputation within the global market.

To speak to a Signet team member about optimising your tertiary packaging process, contact us on 13 7446 or email

Signet is proud to support King Springs and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

See Signet’s range of Cast Film and Instapak Products used by King Springworks.

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