St Andrew’s nurses take bundling film from warehouse to ward

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How nurses at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital took a Signet warehouse solution and turned it into a ward efficiency break-through.

St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital based in Spring Hill, Brisbane, has a long history of best practice clinical outcomes and has been providing healthcare to patients since 1958. In the busy, 250-bed hospital, nurses need to make the most efficient use of their time and ensure patients’ wounds are hygienically and comfortably protected.

St Andrew’s nurses previously used a fibre-based dressing secured with tape to protect patients’ wounds from water and other substances that could cause pain or infection. This method was expensive, and the product was difficult to apply and secure. The need for a more time efficient, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution was identified which is when they came across bundling film as a viable alternative.

Bundling film has long been used as an ideal material for quick first aid treatments and is even used on rugby fields to apply ice to injuries post-game. It’s waterproof, airtight, clean, transparent, and can be easily applied to complicated body parts like knuckles or elbows where other products may struggle to completely seal, especially with constant movement.

The decision was made by St Andrew’s to trial Signet’s Own bundling film – made in Signet’s HACCP accredited Queensland facility – as a viable alternative to the fibre-dressing back in 2009, and they never looked back.

“Signet’s bundling film is used in all our wards except ICU and is mostly used to protect patients’ wounds before they shower or when they are back in bed. The film can be used on most areas of the body, and the dispenser handle makes even lighter work of the job. An important part of recovery is being as comfortable and undisturbed as possible, the bundling film helps us make this healing process easier for our patients and nurses,” —Jacqueline Ferguson, Supply & Purchasing Manager at St Andrew’s.

St Andrew’s innovative use of an everyday warehouse product has increased its efficiency and cut unnecessary costs.

“Signet’s bundling film saves so much time when you are working with an influx of patients. Signet film is far cheaper than the fibre product and is simple to apply; other hospitals would benefit from the switch too.”

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