Thunderbird: Delivering quality agriculture equipment to Aussie Farmers for nearly 40 years

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Signet’s shipping essentials help Thunderbird deliver quality Australian-made agriculture equipment to Aussie farmers damage-free.

Thunderbird broke into the agricultural industry in 1983 with a mission, to produce quality animal management products that are Australian made, reliable, and durable in harsh environments.

Now considered Australia’s most progressive agricultural weighing and electric fence company, Thunderbird continues to stand out in the growing industry.

The Thunderbird team

“Being the only Australian made product in the field, Australian farmers have an affinity to Thunderbird; we are one of the most popular brands in the agricultural industry for electric fencing,” —Natasha Smith, Sales and Marketing Coordinator for Thunderbird.

Thunderbird shared their vision with Signet – to deliver the highest quality, damage-free products to farmers around Australia. To this day, Signet has been helping Thunderbird achieve this vision with each Thunderbird product securely packed and shipped in Signet’s packaging essentials such as custom cartons to bundling film.

From smooth bitumen highway to a bumpy country road, the distribution team in Mudgee carefully consider how every order is packed to ensure no damages occur during transport.

“Our goods often have to travel to remote locations, so it’s important that our customers receive their orders in good condition the first time around. When we are packing and consolidating our freight, we need to ensure the products won’t move around or break, and part of this process is knowing the packaging products we use are reliable and of good quality.”

One Signet product may be small in size but is providing mighty benefits for Thunderbird. Signet’s Own Bundling Film is an extremely versatile product used to fasten their rigid underground cable products to the coils. With over 200 different varieties of cable lines in their range, the Thunderbird packing team only require one bundling product to secure each one without the need for other films.

Signet’s Bundling Film wrapped around one of Thunderbird’s cable products

“Without reliable packaging, we would be unable to deliver our orders in good condition which could directly affect our image and implicate the great relationships we have with our customers. Signet always has plenty of stock available which helps our small, but efficient business.”

Signet’s Bundling Films are an Aussie manufactured product made in house at our Brisbane HACCP Certified plastics manufacturing facility. To view our range of Bundling Film, click here. If you’d like to speak to a Signet team member, call us on 13 7446, email, or Live Chat with us by visiting

Signet is proud to support Thunderbird and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.


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