Signet powers Aussie heroes to Air Guitar Glory

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We are proud to introduce two of the most iconic air guitar shredders on the Aussie air scene: The Jinja Assassin and Lily RocknRoll. As their official air guitar packaging supplier, Signet has supported these Aussie legends on their journey to air greatness.

Lily RocknRoll is Australia’s best female air guitarist. Hailing from NSW, this office worker may look like a sweetheart, but when Lily steps on stage she fearlessly unleashes her inner rock goddess with every new air-solo. Lily RocknRoll radiates confidence with every headbanging air-riff and does it with Signet supporting her the whole way.

The Jinja Assassin is a W.A. school teacher by day, but by night, his alter ego unleashes, and he transforms into Australia’s newly crowned #1 Air Guitarist.

“The Jinja Assassin is an embodiment of my alter ego, a combination of all those ginger-inspired idols that I hold close to my chest from Prince Harry to Chuck Norris,” says The Jinja Assassin.

Here at Signet, we support our local heroes – ordinary Aussies doing extraordinary things. Signet spotted these two Aussies shredding up the stage at the National Air Guitar Championships in Melbourne and promised to help take their air-talent to the world.

Signet’s support of Lily RocknRoll and The Jinja Assassin is an extension of our support of Air Guitar in general, as the official packaging supplier of Air Guitar Australia. Signet has been responsible for protecting the team’s air guitars while on tour in Australia and around the world. We are proud to announce that not a single air guitar was broken while in Signet’s packaging!

Signet is proud to support The Jinja Assassin, Lily RocknRoll and over 60,000 other Aussies and their ventures.

To follow The Jinja Assassin and Lily RocknRoll’s journey to the Air Guitar World Championships, visit

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