Signet’s Hot Melt Tape helps Tupperware ship over 250,000 orders annually to Aussie households

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Tupperware Australia packs and consolidates over 5,000 orders weekly with Signet’s Own Hot Melt Tape and Ultimate 500 Film.

At the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges is Tupperware’s national distribution centre. Since starting on this site in 1961 as a manufacturing plant, it remains a bustling hub from where over 5,000 orders per week are sent all over Australia.

Tupperware containers can be found in the kitchen cupboard of most Aussie homes. So, getting their famous products to distributors and customers securely is vital to ensuring high standards.

Tupperware made the switch to Signet’s Own Hot Melt Tape a few years ago to avoid cartons opening in transit. An issue that was causing uncertainty amongst the distribution team and increasing costs due to resealing. 

Signet has a wide range of specialty and packaging tapes available

The Signet packaging tape is extremely cost-effective and highly adhesive, meaning less is wasted on re-sealing. Tupperware chose Signet’s tape for its quality, and since implementing it, they have had no carton sealing issues.

“Tupperware are avoiding waste and saving money by using the Hot Melt Tape. They can trust that cartons will be sealed when they arrive at the customer’s door without having to seal them over and over again.” —Alan Golder, Signet Sales Executive.

Another Signet product used behind the scenes by the Tupperware distribution team is Signet’s Ultimate 500 Film. The Signet film is used by hand to consolidate pallets for warehouse storing, and with their stretch film machine to efficiently wrap pallets sent to distributors across Australia.

The Ultimate Film is designed to deliver performance through high puncture resistance, a lighter gauge meaning less plastic is used, and greater load stability. Knowing that their pallet wrap is reliable allows the distribution team to focus on other tasks without concerns about pallet failure.

As a trusted household brand, quality has always been at the centre of Tupperware’s long-standing philosophy. With Signet’s consolidation supplies in hand, Tupperware can deliver their homewares without any loss in transit.

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Signet is proud to support Tupperware Australia and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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