An automatic strapping solution increases Westral Home Improvements’ efficiency by 25% in two months

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Through a strapping procedure upgrade, Westral Home Improvements experience an increase in output, a more streamline packaging process, and reduced risk of injury and fatigue for their workers.

Established over 46 years ago, and still managed by the original owners, Westral Home Improvements specialises in the manufacturing of blinds, security doors, awnings and roller shutters.

Customer satisfaction and quick turnarounds is a point of pride for Westral, so team members at the Canning Vale manufacturing and distribution site work tirelessly to service the increasing demand for their products.  

Prior to August 2019, manually strapping over 150 cartons was a typical day for the Canning Vale team. A very tedious process, this method meant extra staff members were needed to complete jobs on time in a small production space.

“We are working to increase our output, and we couldn’t do it on the manual system we were working with, in the limited space. We needed to find a more efficient way.” —William Drage, Westral Home Operations Manager.

While Westral couldn’t increase their production space, they could optimise how they were using it. Signet helped them implement an automatic strapping machine to counter the efficiency issues they were facing.  

Packaging efficiency has increased by 25% since the introduction of the automatic strapping machine, meaning they can increase their output in the busy season without excessive overtime or staff.

“The extra staff members who would have been needed in the packing room can now be helping in the manufacturing area, meaning everyone is more efficiently employed in tasks.”

Westral Home Improvements were also able to reduce packaging tape usage by 75% since introducing the machine due to the consistent strap tension, creating a much neater look for their freight.

With a goal to create a more user-friendly warehouse wherever possible, Westral has decreased worker fatigue, increased morale and reduced the risk of potential injury caused by manual lifting by making the switch.

“We went from a very manual process to an automated system which has created a much more efficient production line. Signet always has a nothing-is-too-much approach which helped us immensely throughout the transition.”

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