CenturyYuasa Batteries packing downtime reduced by 90% with use of Automatic Strapping Tools

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By switching from a manual to an automatic strapping procedure, the CenturyYuasa Power Systems division has saved over 20 hours of manual labour each week and reduced downtime by 90%.

The Power Systems division of CenturyYuasa has been delivering industrial DC Power Systems to the telecommunication and power industries for 30 years where protecting national infrastructure assets are critical.

The CenturyYuasa Power Systems division manufactures and transports highly complex pieces of equipment from their head distribution centre in Brisbane, on remote journeys to clients like Ergon and Energex.

15 years ago, Signet observed a bottleneck in the Power Systems division processing and packing area, resulting in a lag between manufacturing and distribution.

At the time, pallets containing CenturyYuasa products were wrapped, and then strapped four times to ensure they were secure and safe to travel. The team used a manual strapping method to prepare over 100 pallets each week, which was slowing down their processing line and taking up floor space in the holding area.  

“Our old method was slowing us down, so when Signet suggested a more efficient way, it was a no-brainer for us. It now takes us three seconds to tighten and seal the strap with the sonic weld as opposed to one minute.” —Stuart Forde, CenturyYuasa National Industrial Warehouse Manager.

The Signet Sales team introduced CenturyYuasa to a hand-held automatic strapping tool to help alleviate the congestion.

The strapping tool by Signode reduced strapping time by 90% and approximately 20 hours of manual labour each week, reducing manual labour and the risk of injury. The sonic weld feature of hand-held machine means the plastic straps bond without the need for buckles and crimping.

“Just as we work with our clients to ensure they are doing the best they can in their operations, Signet works with us on regular improvement processes to identify any issues or opportunities for improvements.”

With a multitude of benefits, such as the increased safety of workers, and operational efficiency, more businesses are moving towards automatic systems. At the forefront of technology and innovation in their industry, CenturyYuasa understand the importance of automation in their operations.

“The time it took to get the team to adopt a new way of doing things was minimal to the benefits and efficiency we won. We now use Signet strapping tools in our Motive Power, Automotive Warehouse and our SSR build area, and have seen an improvement in supply chain efficiency across the board.”

If you’d like to speak to Signet team member about implementing an automated solution for your business, call us on 13 7446, email sales@signet.net.au, or Live Chat with us by visiting www.signet.net.au.

Signet is proud to support CenturyYuasa Batteries and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.


Whether it's to secure loads for safe transport, or lightweight jobs around the work site, Signet is your go-to for all your strapping and strapping accessory needs.

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