Signet Presents Unpacking Genius

The Archibald Prize is the nation’s most prestigious art prize, but it has recently been upstaged by a more down to earth prize: The Packing Room Prize. That’s the one we wanted to…

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Downgauging: how optimising stretch film procedures can improve shipping operations and reduce environmental impacts

Stretch film downgauging can reap a multitude of benefits such as reduced costs, a minimised carbon footprint, improved efficiency, and increased load stability. The following article will investigate how downgauging can help better…

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Stretch Film Plastic Reduction Downgauging

Signet helps local WA Cricket Club kit up for the championships

The home team need one wicket to secure victory. It’ll be tough on the visitors! The bowler digs his shoe into the ground, getting traction before taking stride to complete the delivery. The…

|  2 minute read

Signet Western Australia Community sport Leederville Cricket Club Cricket

Signet supports Bowen RollaCoaster Cancer Challenge riders on their North Queensland journey

Signet has been supporting the Bowen RollaCoaster Ride for several years, helping riders stay well hydrated and sun safe with sunscreen and water. The Bowen RollaCoaster Cancer Challenge Bike Ride raises funds for…

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North Queensland Community Local support Bike Ride

Eco-friendly packaging: a buzz phrase, but what does it really mean?

Sustainable packaging is becoming a high priority for brands and consumers, more now than ever before. Eco-friendly packaging isn’t just a way to ship your products, it’s how businesses are broadcasting their values…

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Eco-Friendly eco-friendly packaging Packaging Solutions Sustainability Buzz phrase

Five steps to a greener warehouse

Becoming eco-minded in your warehouse has many benefits, including reducing your carbon footprint, reducing waste, cutting costs to the bottom line, and boosting employee engagement. Signet’s eco-friendly product specialists have come up with…

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Eco-Friendly eco-friendly packaging Process Optimisation sustainable practices Sustainable warehouse

CenturyYuasa Batteries packing downtime reduced by 90% with use of Automatic Strapping Tools

By switching from a manual to an automatic strapping procedure, the CenturyYuasa Power Systems division has saved over 20 hours of manual labour each week and reduced downtime by 90%. The Power Systems…

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Strapping Automation Centuryyuasa efficiency improvement strapping automation

ARB switches to reusable strapping and reduces waste by nearly 3,000kg annually

By swapping traditional plastic strapping for Velcro Logistrap, ARB have seen a cost reduction of 30% and a time saving of 40%. ARB’s story began in 1975, when 4×4 drivers relied on makeshift…

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Aussie Olympian keeps her supply chain lean with Signet packaging

Signet’s range of sustainable eCommerce packaging supplies helps BodyICE to save time and reduce shipping costs.   BodyICE was born from adversity after Lydia Lassila, an aerial skiing Olympic gold medallist, suffered a devastating…

|  1.5 minute read

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