How Mr Burger is taking the food truck scene by storm

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How Mr Burger expanded its presence from lone food truck to an entire fleet – and picked up numerous best burger awards along the way!

Mr Burger is the brainchild of founders Myles Munro and Daragh Kan, and the foundation member of 100 Burgers Group. Other members of the finger licking food empire include Belles Hot Chicken, Portillo Rosso, Brunswick Mess Hall and many more.

A visit to America in early 2012 was the catalyst that sparked the founders’ food truck obsession. The duo ate their way around America and were inspired by the diverse ways American customers could access some of the best burgers in an experimental setting.

The wheels were set in motion immediately after the pair returned to Melbourne, with plans to bring the food truck to life in the foyer of their pub. There was a small setback: the doorway was too small to fit the truck through. Unfazed, they hired out an old mechanic’s warehouse to house their food truck.

After months of sourcing the freshest local produce and perfecting their recipe, their first menu item, Mr Burger, was born. Each item on their menu is tweaked and taste tested until the perfect burger is achieved. This formula has proven successful, as Mr Burger has grown to be Melbourne’s favourite food truck and has been voted Melbourne’s best burger on numerous occasions along the way.

The mobile nature of Mr Burger allows the product to be easily accessible to customers in a variety of locations. From music festival one day to food festival the next, Mr Burgers food trucks are not restricted to one location.

The rapid growth of Mr Burger and increasing customer demand resulted in the expansion to brick and mortar stores in 2012. Expanding to locations where food truck permits were not available helped meet customer demand for specific locations. The first brick and mortar store opened at Little Bourke Street, followed by high street locations such as Chapel Street and Brunswick Street.

Signet is proud to call 100 Burgers Group a customer and has supplied a range of cleaning and janitorial products to support their growing business.

If you are a burger connoisseur in search of a great burger, visit to find a location near you.

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