A partnership with a difference: How Signet keeps local NQ school stocked all year round

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Signet forms a lasting partnership with St Stephen’s Catholic College and helps them overcome potentially disastrous bathroom stock shortages.

Established in 2006, St Stephen’s opened with only 42 students. Since then, the school has expanded into the hundreds and is proud to be one of the top achieving schools in Queensland.

As they experienced admission growth, St Stephen’s needed to ensure that their storeroom was always well stocked with the toilet paper and hygiene products absolutely necessary for the influx of school children.

With their supplier unable to meet their demand, understocked non-negotiables and short deliveries were causing headaches – running out of loo-paper on the home-front is one thing, but imagine the panic of an entire school.

St Stephen’s Catholic College in Mareeba, North Queensland

“We were experiencing shortages of basic hygiene products like toilet paper, garbage bags, and hand towels which must be available for the students all year round. With a growing number of students, the supply issue created uncertainty as we couldn’t find anyone in the Tablelands or Cairns who could service the large volumes we require.” —Hadyn Flynn, Inaugural Business Manager for St Stephen’s Catholic College.

St Stephen’s turned to Signet in 2011 to help them find a solution for their supply issues. Eight years on, and the local Signet Townsville team continues to keep St Stephen’s fully stocked with hygiene products and roll upon roll of toilet paper.

“The results we’ve seen since switching to Signet have been fantastic. No longer are the alarms sounded when the toilet paper is running low; if we require stock, we can order online and receive our goods the next day.”

Signet dedicate themselves to customer-focused solutions and the Signet team, whose approach is to forge meaningful relationships with customers, has helped St Stephen’s keep stocked with the must-haves for a growing population of students.

 “Kids can be unpredictable, so it means a lot to have a supplier who has our back when things go pear-shaped. It’s a perfect mix of what I call modern service with the quick and easy ordering system and regular catalogues, and old-fashioned service through our Signet Sales Representative’s visits and genuine care the school .”

Signet has a wide range of school essentials from cleaning and janitorial to first aid and carpark products. Contact us on 13 7446 or visit https://www.signet.net.au/school-essentials to view our full range of school essentials.

Signet is proud to support St Stephen’s Catholic College and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures

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