Australia’s oldest olive grove uses environmentally friendly stretch film to stay true to family philosophy

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Mount Zero Olives distributes tonnes of olives and olive products daily using Signet’s 100% degradable stretch film to consolidate their pallet shipments securely.

The Mount Zero Olive grove is located at the northern tip of the Grampians, and, planted in 1948, makes it the oldest in Australia. The Seymour family has been farming the grove for the past 25 years, after making the decision to move back to their roots in country Victoria where they both grew up.

Neil and Jane Seymour of Mount Zero Olives

The partnership between the Seymour family and the Signet family began over a decade ago when they needed a consistent supplier for distribution and warehouse materials like packaging tape and food-safe gloves.

“When my parents first set up there, Signet was one of the few suppliers that would send directly to their remote location.” —Richard Seymour, Mount Zero Olives General Manager.

Today, Mount Zero Olives grow and sell wholesale olives, olive oil and other organic products to a range of independent retail stores and restaurants.

The family’s number one priority is to grow and sell the highest quality produce while being as sustainable as possible; which has been their philosophy from the start.

“Our olive grove itself is a certified bio-dynamic farm. Our focus is to be as sustainable as possible, and we want to keep those principles right across our packaging and how we get our products to customers.”

Each day around one tonne of olives and olive oil leaves their warehouse. To achieve the most sustainable supply chain, they use Signet’s eco-friendly, 100% degradable flexible plastic product to transport their goods, which has proven to be just as sturdy as other films.

“As soon as we saw that Signet could supply us with the eco option, it was an added bonus to our already strong supplier relationship. We’ve had no pallet collapses since implementing the eco-friendly film within our supply chain. So, it is great that our eco-friendly solution is also the same quality that we are used to.”

Mount Zero Olives also use Velcro Logistrap to secure their pallets for racking. Traditionally, other products like blown stretch film would be used for this task. The reusable, fabric-like material means their warehouse is more sustainable and produces less waste.

“Signet understands our strong environmental philosophy, and through their products and solutions, work with us to help reduce our environmental footprint.”

If you’d like to speak to a Signet team member about implementing eco-friendly solutions into your business, call our Sales Team on 13 7446, email, or Live Chat with us by visiting

Signet is proud to support Mount Zero Olives and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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