Barrett Communications reduce packing time by 25% for their communications equipment

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By transitioning from liquid foam to Instapak Bags, Barrett Communications reduced their packing time so that their products can be sent to their worldwide customer base quickly.

Established in 1976, Barrett Communications designs, manufactures and markets HF and VHF radio equipment for a range of remote operating environments. Across their network, they provide critical communications equipment for customers in over 150 countries.

Their products help governments, first respondents and humanitarian aid organisations to maintain communication as an alternative to primary infrastructure. 

“We provide high-cost communications equipment, so our orders need to arrive in perfect condition. Our customers are located in some of the most inhospitable places around the world, which are logistically difficult to deliver to.” —Terry Delaney, Barrett Communications Export Manager.

Prior to 2013, Barrett Communications was using Instapak foam in its export department – a liquid cushioning product that, once applied to the carton, would expand and mould itself around the product inside. This method created a messy workspace and regular downtime when the equipment needed maintenance.

 “The foam was sprayed around the goods into the cartons which would sometimes stick to the product and create a messy look for our customers.”

The machine that applied the foam required regular maintenance, causing downtime that had a flow-on effect, as it impacted the dispatch of orders, scheduled training and the installation of products for its customers.

Barrett Communications looked to Signet for a cleaner, more efficient way of cushioning their orders for transportation. 

The company has since switched from the foam system to Signet’s self-contained Instapak Bags, which has reduced their packing time by 25%, meaning it can supply its products to customers in a timely manner.

Signet stock a range of different sized Instapak Bags

Instapak Bags are expandable foam-filled bags that are self-inflating. They are designed for superior void-filling, as they cushion and brace products during transit. The bags protect products of almost any size, weight or shape and they inflate up to 27 times their original size.

“We can now pack orders faster with the bags. There are no more messy workspaces, and we don’t need to worry about any unexpected delays that result from equipment downtime.”

Instapak Bags are now used to pack 75% of Barrett Communications’ despatched goods. The bags simply need to be pressed and placed in the carton; they wrap around the goods as they expand, which limits movement in transit.

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