Signet helps local WA Cricket Club kit up for the championships

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The home team need one wicket to secure victory. It’ll be tough on the visitors! The bowler digs his shoe into the ground, getting traction before taking stride to complete the delivery. The balls released at speed with all eyes fixated on the red missiles destination. Batsmen plays, misses and the ball smashes into the wickets. All out – Leederville Cricket Club take the win!

Over the past 75 years, Leederville Cricket Club (LCC) has grown into one of the largest cricket clubs in Western Australia, with over 300 active juniors and 100 active senior players.

With Signet’s support, in 2019 LCC went up against 500 other WA cricket clubs and made history by taking out the Club of the Year across both its Junior and Senior clubs, for the first time in the 135-year history of the WACA Awards (Western Australia Cricket Association).

Community support is at the foundation of the LCC, as it was members of the local WA community that came together over seven decades ago to create the club, they are so proud to be a part of today.

“Signet is well known across the WA community for getting behind and supporting locals, and when we asked for their support, they were more than happy to help us out.” –Ryan Ruthven, LCC A Grade Captain and Sponsorship Manager. 

As one of the main sponsors for LCC, Signet kitted out all 300 junior players with new match-day playing shirts and 150 senior players with new training shirts. Signet’s contribution also helped two top grade teams get game ready with new playing gear.

“Speaking from personal experience, our members enjoy wearing our gear on and off the field, irrespective of whether it’s cricket season or not. We have a real sense of pride for our sport and our club, and those businesses within the local community that make the season possible. How often we wear our shirts is a direct representation of how proud we are to be supported by our sponsors and to be part of this club.”

The LCC has always been a big part of the local WA community, bringing local families and mates together, and providing an opportunity for a diverse cross-section of cultures and personalities to connect over a common love of cricket.

“We love to get on the field and test our ability against others in a team environment. At the same time, it’s about having each other’s back, because that’s what we’d do off the field too. Cricket has a way of bringing people together with an undeniable sense of Aussie spirit and mateship.”

Click the link to find out more about Leederville Cricket Club.

Signet is proud to support Leederville Cricket Club and over 60,000 other Aussie ventures.

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